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In this respect, however, there is little difference with any uncultured race. But on the other hand, they have been unwilling to restrain themselves from all appeal to them. Death finds not a worse friend than an alderman, to whose door I never knew him welcome; but he is an importunate guest, and will not […]


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Waldo essay emerson ralph collected. After all, an eminent Frenchman has just written a book entirely about the sense of humour. Had he confined himself to the moral question, his case would have been strong. If this may be assumed, then the wergelds of the Scanian law accord well with the Norse wergelds. The emotion […]


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Nairaland application letter. Is it much of a compliment to be compared to a draught-player? Corresponding to the distinction between pure and modal propositions, but even more complicated and unsatisfactory in its treatment, was that between pure and modal syllogisms. ‘Oh for a beaker full of the warm South!’ It was to see the _Gazza […]


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Research paper order writing of a. As it is, having had the range of the English language at his disposal, his reputation is not in danger of being assailed by any such methods. And black is then to intensity what white is to saturation. There being no blood relationship between husband and wife, the husband’s […]


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For a full discussion of these characteristics, and for a variety of most ingenious illustrations of their mode of agency and of their comparative efficacy, the reader may be referred to Mr Galton’s original articles. Early in the afternoon of this day my division (Rodes’) arrived upon the field by the Carlisle road and at […]


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The formula expressive of this moral happiness is c log x/a; where x stands for the physical fortune possessed at the time, and a for that small value of it at which happiness is supposed to disappear: c being an arbitrary constant. This is the mode in which one would, under those circumstances, attempt to […]


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84. Or perhaps there were epochs in which men who sought something other than positive science were condemned to universal contempt, and passed unregarded: in such an epoch Plato would have found no sympathy, but would have died in obscurity. They were said to start from ‘signs and likelihoods’ rather than from axioms.[18] 25. If […]


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Collier, p. The Israelites had grown so numerous as to be divided into separate tribes. How inferior is he to Guido, the painter of grace and sentiment, two of whose master-pieces enchanted me anew, the Annunciation and the Presentation in the Temple. Of this there can, surely, be no doubt. The causes consist of (1) […]


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Suppose a man with two, and only two, alternatives before him, one of which he knows must involve success and the other failure. This strikes one as rather curious logic. Perhaps it is only upon the approach of an outside soul that another’s soul becomes invisible, and if she be caught unawares she will not […]