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Emerson the essay transcendentalist. Is the word simply used in the sense of a crowning peak? Morality exists because, from the simple observation of social phenomena, sin is connected with suffering, and calamity of some kind regarded as its inevitable consequence. The venerable Brother Evangelista Fossa, the composer of the present work, has obtained a […]


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Wilkie’s _Alehouse Door_ is here, and deserves to be here. There is something in the air in France that carries off the _blue devils_! Fergusson points out that, notwithstanding the peculiarly Phallic symbolism of the latter deity, “the worship of Siva is too severe, too stern for the softer emotions of love, and all his […]


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As it had arisen in his mind from the contemplation of nature, so he could only hope to embody it to others, by the imitation of nature. It is the same with Gregers Werle: if he had really gone for a walk with Hialmar, he could not have kept the cutting-edge of his ideal sharp […]


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car hand wash plan business. Indifference of the mundane brand is not to be confounded with their detachment, which is emancipation wrought in the soul, and the ineffable efflorescence of the Christian spirit. Who, in reading over the names of certain individuals, does not feel a yearning in his breast to know their features and […]


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Of Nature in Men; 27. The sight of them effectually deterred me from attempting to go by Geneva and the Simplon; and we were contented (for this time) with the humbler passage of Mount Cenis. Their manner was to grant naturalization (which they called “jus civitatis”),[336] and to grant it in the highest degree, that […]


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[Sidenote: The manbot and fightwite and then the wergeld.] Of ?am d?ge ?e ? One must spoil, devour, destroy, ruin. 1-76. Diui Thome aquinatis doctoris angelici illuminatissimi summa de veritate, per theozophie professorem eximium, Magistrum Theodericum de Susteren, insignis conuentus Coloniensis ordinis fratrum Predicatorum regentem profundissimum, denuo peruigili studio in luculentam erecta consonantiam, adeo hercule […]


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Then by Ramseur, who was promoted and killed at Cedar Creek. 213). But this watchful, provident temper, is attended with a deprivation of numerous pleasures, and the loss of various delights, whilst such men debar themselves the use even of innocent things, and what is still worse, rack and torture themselves with cares, fears, and […]


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Can you do me any good now, bestir yourself.” It was this engaging reprobate, (remembered rather through Pope and Dryden than through his own extraordinary talent) to whom the King once gave a kindly but authoritative rebuke for his atheistic talk. So the Elgin Marbles are more impressive from their mouldering, imperfect state. General and […]


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a write tribute to dead a person. In the future, probably, writers will convince themselves and the public that any kind of artificial completion is absolutely superfluous. [19] The title-page bears date 1899. In the first place we may be able to predicate nothing more of them than the mere fact that they act[1] as […]